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Hi everyone!! How is everyone doing? A few weeks ago, I went to NYC and got some great looks. It was spring break so I took some day trips to New York City and had a great time! I got to do some fun things like going to a live taping and checking out the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Whitney.

Look #1:


On Thursday, March 14th, I went to a live taping of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and it was one of the coolest experiences ever! It was my first time going to a live taping and it was awesome. The guests were Lilly Singh, Oscar Isaac and Jimmy Carr and a surprise appearance with Seth Meyers, which was cool. Major shout out to my friend Sam for coming with me and thank you! The weather was perfect and it was such an eventful day.

Outfit: Sweater: Banana (found it on major clearance) Shirt: Loft (got it in Fall 2018) Pants: Velvet Joggers (Another clearance find, lol at Gap) Shoes: TJ Maxx (Brand is Catherine Malandrino) Bag: DSW (From my Gucci Dupe post)


Look #2:


On Friday, March 15th, OMG, soooo I got to sit in the front row, yes, front row of The View. When the person was taking my friend, Shefali and I to our seats, I was shocked. This was my first front row experience and I felt so cool!!! (I am so dorky but its fine). Also, another thing that I accomplished is that I took the subway by myself successfully (let me know if you have any subway fail stories). At some point, I knew I had to figure out how to use the subway. After the show, we walked in Central Park and ate at Food Hall, which is an upscale food court that is a part of the Plaza. I got to be Eloise, who casually hung around the Plaza. It was a great day, although the weather was weirdly humid, which I couldn’t believed and it was in the middle of March.

Outfit: Sweater: Same as above Top: Loft (Spring 2018) Pants: Basic Black Leggings (Got them at TJ Maxx) Purse: Same as above Shoes: Adidas Superstars


Look #3:


On Saturday, March 16, I went to the Whitney Museum in Chelsea to go to the Andy Warhol exhibit that was being held. Last semester, I heard about this exhibit from my 20th Century Art professor and made it a priority to go. It was one of the most interesting exhibits I have ever been to and it was my first time at the Whitney. (A lot of firsts happened in the span of three days). The exhibits had his famous pieces of art and there was so much to learn. I went with my dad and we had a nice time. You can really learn about an artist through his work.

Outfit: Sweater: Lou & Grey Turtleneck: Gap (clearance find) Jeans: Loft Purse: Same as the first outfit


Thank you so much for reading!! What is your favorite thing to do in the city? Let me know in the comments, thank you!!! Have a great one!!

Love, Alex