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Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a wonderful week, who is ready for the weekend?? (I know I am). As someone that loves simple jewelry, there is a brand for people who love basic jewelry. Basic jewelry doesn’t have to be boring, it can be sophisticated, chic and elegant. One of my favorite brands for simple jewelry is Gorjana. I received a bracelet from them on my birthday. This bracelet became one of my go-to pieces. After I received the bracelet, I bought a pair of stud earrings that matched the bracelet. The earrings are perfect for people who prefer stud earrings.

Bracelet Look 1:

How the bracelet looks on its own. It has an adjustable closure, so it fits any wrist size and allows anyone to control the fit of the bracelet. The bracelet is simple, but it goes with anything. It is very subtle, and good for people who aren’t into flashy jewelry. Also, the style is very practical to wear, whether it is by itself or stacked with other bracelets.

Bracelet Look 2:

This is how I usually wear it. I like to keep my jewelry simple, when I go to school or work. I try to look put together (on most days lol) and this bracelet elevates my outfit a little bit. Also, shout out to Polished Nail Lounge for giving me a wonderful manicure, thank you! The service was great and did an awesome job on my nails. I felt so much better about myself after I got my nails done, I want to take more risks with my nails, because why not!!

(This is not the exact one, I got my bracelet as a gift, which was an exclusive item from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. There are other bracelets that also have an adjustable option.)

Earrings Look 1:

First of all, I am sorry the way the picture was taken. It was the only way I thought of showing of how the earring looked while wearing them. The earring lays perfectly on the ear and gives some shine, but not too much. When in doubt, wear studs!

Earrings Look 2:

I love these earrings and they go with everything. This specific style is called the Chloe Small Studs and other finishes comes in Rose Gold and Silver. It also comes in sizes mini and large. This “Small” size is the happy medium of earrings. When I saw the earrings, I had to buy them so it can go along with my bracelet. I bought the earrings at a boutique called Sisters and they have the cutest items on display.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, please let me know what kind of content you would like to see next. Have a great weekend!!

Love, Alex