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Hello!!! Happy New Year!! I hope everyone has a wonderful time spending the new year with their friends and family. I am so sorry that I haven’t been keeping up with posts, I was swamped with school due to finals and working with the holidays. No more excuses, I am putting together this lookbook to show some outfit ideas. Major shout out to Emily for taking these pics with her awesome camera, thank you so much!! Enjoy!

Look #1:


I am in love with this fringe wrap. This wrap elevates any outfit, especially with a basic long sleeve and jeans. It’s dressy, but not too dressy. The wrap can not only be worn with jeans, but with leggings, work pants and tuxedo pants.

The jeans in this picture are my favorite because there are ripped and comfortable to wear. I am a ripped jean gal and these are great for curvy girls. The jeans are from Loft and come in the Modern (which is a straighter fit) and Curvy (which is a more roomy fit).

Wrap: Grey Long Sleeve: Jeans: Shoes:

Look #2:


I love this outfit because it has stripes, a new favorite belt and the jeans I bought for less than $10. #steal. This outfit is casual but not too casual and can be worn to go dinner, movies or anything that doesn’t formal dressing. The belt is adorable and the double belt buckle adds an unique look to the outfit. I have been looking for the perfect western belt for a while and found it at Nordstrom Rack.

Top: Belt: Jeans (They are not the same exact pair from above but this is where they have the Power Straight jeans for women): Booties (Found these on clearance at Nordstrom last year or the year before, found a pair that are in a different color on Nordstrom Rack):

Look #3:


This outfit is a mix of patterns, western inspo with a touch of sophistication. Another major shoutout to my friend Tabs for letting me use this scarf. It is a great scarf to keep you warm and look instantly put together. The color is great as a pop and is great for someone who wants to be festive. The slip on mules are great for someone who is not into heels but still wants to look somewhat dressy.

Scarf (not the exact one, but similar): Top: Pants: (same as the outfit above) Belt: (same as the outfit above) Shoes (I am using this link for the name of the shoes, I was able to find mine at TJ Maxx about $20):

Look #4:


This outfit is one of my favorites for many reasons. It has a sweatshirt with the cutest saying (and its great for latte lovers), a houndstooth scarf (which is a classic) and ripped jeans. Can you tell I love ripped jeans lol!! This scarf can make any outfit look instantly dressier. Houndstooth is a beautiful pattern and it looks great on all ages. Also, never underestimate the power of the scarf. Not only do they keep you warm, but can take any outfit into the next level in an instant.

Top: Jeans: Scarf (not the same one, but similar): Shoes:

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years and may it be filled with new fashion endeavors. Thank you again to Emily for taking these awesome pictures and Tabs for letting me use her fun scarf. I am so sorry again with the delay of this post, now I am on break from school and put more time on the blog. Let me know what kind of fashion posts you would like to see next.

Have a happy and healthy new year everyone!!! Thank you for reading!!